Sunday, October 21, 2012

How This Whole Shindig Started...

Hey everyone. Lemme just give you a quick rundown of why I am starting this blog. For a couple weeks, I have been reading some peoples blogs-(thanks to Pinterest). I kept saying to myself that I'll start one sometime, my blog will be awesome, everyone will absolutely love it, and laugh till they pee, or I'll just end up boring people to tears with reading my life, etc etc. Basically was on my mind everyday for like the past two weeks. Anyways, on October 10th, while cashiering at my job,the other cashier got some Chinese food when she got off work. She always gives me a fortune cookie when she gets one. (Side-note: Every time she gives me one, it's been spot on for the day, week, goals, plans, changes, whatever.) "So I thought to myself..."Ohhh this is gonna be good!" I cracked open my cardboard cookie, threw the cookie away, and unrolled the fortune.
 I instantly thought of my blog, and that's why I am here. All because of a stupid fortune cookie feeding my obsession for wanting a cute, super awesome blog like all of the others I see.

But seriously though, I think this will be a pretty cool way to keep in touch with my peeps and possibly show off my crap that I make/have made, and share me and Chase's lives with you! :)